Kanban 2 Bin System For Alstom

Kanban 2 Bin System For Alstom

January 1, 2003

Following on from Alstom Higher Openshaw closing and relocating their machine shop to Velden Engineering and as part of the partnership formed to reduce costs and assembly lead times; a delivery system direct to line side was formulated between both companies. We titled the delivery system as a KANBAN 2 Bin system. Before the introduction of this 2 bin system, kit parts were taken from central stores, placed into dedicated bin locations and on to kitting trolleys, which were then transported to the assembly area.  These were then unpacked and placed in line side bins. This procedure was unsatisfactory as it increased the risk of damage due to handling and transport; it was time consuming and therefore inefficient.


After the introduction of the two bin system at Velden, we stored all Kanban components in an identical two bin system and transported the bins to Alstoms site, which were placed line side, the empty bins were then collected and brought back to Velden for refilling. This ensured the risk of damage was low as using the bespoke bins direct to lineside reduced the amount of handling required. It also contributed to a leaner and more efficient inventory control, increased productivity and reduced the amount of floor space required to house stock. A further benefit to the customer was an improvement in their lead times as a result of this system.

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