What is CNC Milling?


 CNC Milling is a form of precision engineering that requires extreme accuracy.

CNC Milling in fact stands for computer numerically controlled milling, it is the newest, most highly advanced form of milling with the computer software able to process complex jobs with unmatched accuracy.cnc milling machine

The CNC Milling tools use a rotating, cylindrical cutting tool but unlike with drilling it is able to move through multiple axes.

 CNC Milling Excellence at Velden


At Velden Engineering we have state of the art CNC Milling tools able to go through five axes, this means that the most complex of parts and prototypes can be cut in one fluid motion.

Of course, any machine that works through five axes requires specialist programming to factor in the complex angles and geometric pattern of the part being cut.

Almost any material can be cut in this way – but that is not to say it is perfect for all jobs.

For more routine cuts, other types of technology are often more cost effective – CNC Milling coming into its own for complex jobs or jobs where secondary cutting might otherwise be required.

At Velden Engineering, CNC Milling is just one of the many aspects of precision engineering we undertake.

If you would like to discuss your bespoke needs, or have any queries as to whether CNC Milling or another form of cutting is right for your job, then please contact us on 01204 520620 or use our online form to make an enquiry.


CNC Milling – your requirements, our excellence


Although CNC Milling is a particular type of technology and one with considerations all of its own, in many ways your considerations in looking for a provider are likely to the same as with any type of precision engineering.

We believe you will need a supplier who has:


  • Experienced: – Carried out jobs similar to yours before, and can talk through the process and demonstrate an understanding of your needs.
  • Expert: Not just access to all the machines that might be required, but also expertise in using them all. A five-axis CNC Milling machine is an extremely complex piece of technology; the software only helps you out if you know exactly what you are doing in programming it!
  • Trustworthy: Experience using all the machines, and access to them, also means we can advise on what the best method is for any job. CNC Milling might well be the best process; equally if a simpler technology is suitable for the job we might be able to save you time and money
  • Versatile: Clients on their books who demonstrate quality.
    A company’s clients of course often speaks for their quality, or otherwise. When it comes to precision engineering, look for companies such as ours who have worked in the nuclear and aerospace industries. In these industries, any mistake can have catastrophic ramifications – any company chosen to work in these sectors clearly sets exacting standards.
  • Fast Turnaround: The ability to meet your deadlines
  • Professional: A professional, courteous manner. We like to think we are a pleasure to deal with, certainly all feedback has suggested so
  • Process: The best systems in place – both relating to the actual machinery, including CNC Milling, but also administrative systems. At Velden, we are ISO accredited – vital in an industry where success is based on following established procedures.

At Velden Engineering, we believe we hit all the above requirements – that is why we are widely recognised as the UK’s leading one-stop source for precision engineering; chief among that our CNC Milling capabilities.

If you want to discuss your bespoke needs, or find out more about our capabilities, please give us a call on 01204 520620 or use our online form to make an enquiry.

CNC Milling – Why choose Velden?


About us: Established more than 40 years ago, we have grown and flourished despite downturns in the UK manufacturing industry, surviving while many other firms have gone out of business.

cnc milled parts

Our longevity is down to our experience, our staff and our willingness to continually adapt to introduce the latest technologies – technologies such as water jet cutting and CNC Milling.

Almost a quarter of our staff have been with us 20 years, at the other end of the scale we regularly take on new apprentices, always with the hope that they too might be praised for long service in years to come.

For the client, this experience means that we run like one of our well-oiled machines. Everyone knows what they are doing, there are people who have carried out jobs exactly like yours, using our processes and our equipment. To use a cliché, they have seen it and done it.

Jobs are guaranteed to run smoothly.




In 2015, we were proud to be named EMEA PGBU Supplier of the Year award by the Cummins Group, this award recognising our continued ability to deliver both on time and to specification.

We also have our own in-house software systems and are ISO 9002 accredited.


More than just CNC Milling


You came to this page looking for information on CNC Milling, but allow us a little time to tell you about our full range of precision engineering services!

You can see all the processes we offer by following this link – there is a quick look at each and then a more detailed focus on each service provided.

Our state of the art facilities offer all the below – however this is not an exhaustive list.

  • CNC milling, machining and turning
  • Production of busbars, including for the Formula E motor racing competition
  • Water jet and laser cutting and machinery
  • Large parts machining
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Assembly and complete product build
  • Grinding
  • Design and development, using the latest 3d CAD software.

For our full range of services, head over to this page for further details, or get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.


A range of products

We have used our facilities to make all manner of products – as you would expect to be the case given our lengthy experience.

Rather than reciting a list that includes busbars, ejectors, shafts, cabinets, nozzles and far more besides, we suggest that if you want a more detailed look at products it is worth heading this way.

Get in touch today

There is a wealth more information on this site. There is information on sectors we have worked with – including rail, data centres, nuclear and automotive; there are example case studies (our Formula E case study is well worth a read).

However, if you just want to discuss matters with us in person, please call us today on 01204 520620 or use our online form to see how the UK’s leading one-stop precision engineers can meet your requirements.