5S Standards

5S Standards

October 2, 2019


Our constant drive towards leaner manufacturing has led us to a new project to rearrange our workshop according to 5S principles. To optimise workflow, machines are being re-positioned according to their process capability. Not only does this enhance the flow of work in progress but ensures the highest levels of safety and housekeeping standards are maintained. Our Packing & Verification department has also been moved, giving us much needed space to accommodate the extra output we are manufacturing. The next stage will be the erection of a brand new mezzanine production/quality office, which will become a centralised shop floor hub for tooling, inspection and production control, further enhancing communication whilst also maximising efficiency. A further change includes Paul Hayman, previously Night Shift Team Leader, moving to a new role of Production Co-ordinator on our day shift. Paul is now responsible for ensuring that all jobs flow efficiently from the start of the process through to despatch. This restructure shows our commitment to consistent improvement and to optimising efficiencies.


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