Added Capacity With Our New Star ST38

Added Capacity With Our New Star ST38

November 8, 2018

One Hit Machining

Our investment programme continues with the arrival of a Star ST38 sliding head lathe with T565 bar feed, which extends our sliding head capacity. With the latest technology including live tooling and independently programmed axes, this machine will boost efficiency by allowing parts to be manufactured in one set-up, whilst also extending our capabilities for complex mill-turn parts within the 42mm diameter range.

Clifford Bromilow, Mechanical Engineering Apprentice of the Year 2018, will take on responsibility for the new Star ST38 as programmer, setter and operator, proving our commitment to also investing in people.


“The arrival of the Star ST38 with its T565 barfeed will significantly enhance our sliding head capacity, which up until now has been limited to 25 mm diameter. The Star machine will allow us to provide one-hit machining and fill the gap between our smaller sliding heads and our fixed head lathes,” says Austin Kitchen.

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