Industry 4.0 Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 Smart Factory

November 13, 2015

Through continued re-investment, Velden has been working to become a modern “Smart Factory” in line with cutting edge Industry 4.0 business methodologies. The company has further extended its in-house developed ERP system to incorporate IoT (Internet of Things) comprehensive machine tool monitoring and EDI direct data interchange with its customers. In addition Velden has invested over £2m in the last 2 years on the latest production machinery, factory automation including multiple robot loading units, camera & laser vision inspection systems, intelligent energy saving LED factory lighting and solar generating technologies.

Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine Article

 “Velden has been able to further work towards being a fully-modern, smart factory”

Continued investment is also taking place in training and development with the company committing to take on a minimum of two new apprentices every year on-going and taking them through it’s own training program. These investments have enabled the company to give its customers quality products with improved lead times at lower cost, the benefits of which are shared with key clients such as the Cummins group. Velden has been supplying Cummins ever since 2005, and has thoroughly enjoyed working closely with the company over this time. “Cummins excellent and refreshing approach to supplier management has enabled and encouraged Velden to keep improving and support Cummins’ own reputable service.”

The result of this commitment is highlighted with Velden having won CUMMINS EMEA PGBU 2015 Supplier of the Year Award on the back of 100% On Time Delivery & Excellent Quality record.

Velden was chosen for this award due to its “continued investment”, for producing “better quality products in shorter lead-times at a better cost” and for “sharing those benefits with Cummins.” According to Cummins “During 2015 [Velden] increased their portfolio and through the increase in volumes were able to optimize productivity and share the benefits through cost reduction of current products. As subject matter experts they regularly and proactively approach Cummins with cost reduction, part reduction and risk reduction opportunities. They offer excellent communication and always support urgent requirements. From a business side, the company is managed and ran very well.”

Through its commitment to future investment and continual improvement, Velden is now looking to maximise opportunities and attract enquiries from like-minded blue chip customers.

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