Investment in 2 HALTER Robots

Investment in 2 HALTER Robots

July 15, 2015

Our commitment to leaner manufacturing continues with the addition of two Halter Loadassistants for our Okuma LB300-M lathe and Daewoo machining centre. The addition of this automation has given us greater capacity for quick response and further improves our efficiencies, ensuring we remain highly competitive. This smart and sophisticated robotic system automates the loading of machines for both small and large productions runs and ensures we remain flexible and adaptable to customer demands. The addition of this new technology is only a fraction of the overall investment we have recently made  in new machinery, which ensures we are able to offer endless capabilities to supply engineered products, when required and at the right price.



“With the Halter, we now have greater capacity to satisfy our customer demands of quick response and competitive prices”     Austin Kitchen Managing Director

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