Made In Britain

Made In Britain

October 3, 2017


We are delighted to announce we are now a member of Made In Britain, a community of proud British manufacturers. A voluntary organisation, Made In Britain, is doing a wonderful job of showcasing an array of high quality, innovative British made products, resources and skills both at home and abroad.

The British have earned a reputation for providing quality, excellent service, innovation and value for money and as a British family owned business since 1973, we have built our reputation on exactly these values. Our customers, local and global, appreciate stable prices, flexible lead times and our dedication to really understanding their procurement challenges, allowing us to provide engineered solutions to simplify their purchasing process.

As more companies look for local, dependable suppliers, our customer base has steadily grown. Consequently, we are currently embarking on a recruitment drive to deal with the increased business demands that have accompanied our new customers. Going forward, we have an exciting investment plan, which will ensure that we continue to offer excellent value for money, exceptional service and remain at the forefront of our industry with cutting edge technology and automation.

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