New Citizen Machine Arrives At Velden

New Citizen Machine Arrives At Velden

January 9, 2016

In January 2016, we took delivery of a brand new Citizen L20 XII Sliding Head Lathe.

This investment further improves our efficiencies by reducing the need for secondary operations. Small, turned work would previously be sub-contracted out but we are now able to complete in a single process, which not only improves our efficiency but maintains the integrity of our service.

Having received extensive training, our operators are highly satisfied with the new machines, which have exceeded all expectations.

Velden MD Austin Kitchen explains, “This latest addition to our already impressive line-up of advanced production equipment which features interactive artificial intelligence that should reduce downtime and enable us to offer UK competitive prices and quicker deliveries for small to medium volume bar turned precision engineering components such as nozzles, connectors & fittings”.

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