By definition, if you have parts that require precision engineering, accuracy is everything.

When you are choosing who to entrust the process to, you need to find precision engineers with a proven track record in multiple areas.

CNC vertical machine
CNC vertical machine

The precision engineers you end up trusting must:

  •  Have undertaken similar jobs before
  •  Have every machine required for the process at their disposal – and that includes having the best machines, not just a suitable machine (for example, having a water jet cutting machine as well as a laser cutter; both being more suited to different kinds of work)
  • Have a list of clients which highlights their ability to deliver and experience working on projects where any mistake can be catastrophic, projects with the aerospace and nuclear industries for example
  • Be able to meet your deadlines, however tight they might be!
  • Advise as required. Sometimes precision engineering requires a part creating to the client’s specifications; at other times the client needs advice and the benefit of the precision engineer’s expertise.
  • Be professional and a pleasure to work with. Great customer service, providing updates as and when required, the sort of company that, when the job is complete, you want to publicly praise (even if it just a quick Tweet of thanks)
  • Have the best system in place, both in terms of modern, industry leading machines, but also admin systems. ISO accredited, proven to work in an organised and structured manner – after all, the parts might have to go through various processes. The precision engineers need to know what stage any part is at, at any time.


In short, anyone requiring a precision engineer needs to know that their order will arrive on time, that it will be fit for use and that it will have been engineered to last. Simple requirements, but only the best can match them each and every time.

After the big build up, it won’t surprise you to learn that the above is exactly what we provide at Velden Engineering.

We are recognised as a UK leading one-stop source for precision engineering.

Without wishing to appear arrogant, here are a few reasons why we believe you should give us a call 01204 520620 or use our online form to make an enquiry, so we can have an obligation-free conversation about your bespoke requirements.

Precision Engineering – Why choose Velden?

Experienced Engineers

We were established in 1973 and have stayed in business and flourished despite downturns in UK manufacturing.

precision engineered Valve component
Valve component

What experience really means though, beyond how long a company has been in operation, is the experience of its staff.

At Velden we are incredibly proud both of the longevity of many staff, but also our record of bringing apprentices through and into the industry.

More than 20% of our team have been with us for 20 years, and every time a new apprentice joins us we have the hope that they too will be with us for a large part of their career.

For the client, this experience means that we have a team who know exactly what they are doing.

They understand every type of job, and are fully bought into how we work. It ensures processes and jobs run smoothly.

Quality Controlled Engineering

We were awarded the 2015 EMEA PGBU Supplier of the Year award by the Cummins Group, recognising our ability to deliver both to customers’ exacting specification and also on time.

We are certified to ISO 9002, have extensive quality control procedures and have been certified by numerous blue chip companies.

We have even developed our own in house software systems, perfectly matched to meeting our requirements – and those of clients.

A Full Suite of Precision Engineering Services


We have grown to become the UK’s leading one-stop shop for precision engineering.

busbar precision engineering
busbar production

You can see our full range of services by following this link – there is a quick overview and also a more detailed look at each specific service offered.

To give a brief overview, our range of services includes (but is not limited to)
CNC machining and turning
Busbar production ( a client including the high-profile Formula E motor racing competition and the UK’s first automated busbar production facility)
Laser and water jet cutting and machining
Large parts machining – we have the ability to handle the largest of parts for huge projects
– Welding and fabrication
– Assembly and complete product build
– Grinding
– Design and development – the latest three-dimensional computer aided design software to ensure plans are accurately turned into finished parts.

There are other services too – do head over to this page for further details, or get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

A range of Precision Engineering Products

If we were to list all the products and types of contract we have undertaken, this page would take even more minutes to scroll through.

engineered pump part
Impeller pump

As we have already stated, our 40 years’ experience means we have encountered all manner of jobs, produced all manner of products.

This includes machined castings, busbars, ejectors, nozzles, enclosures, shafts, cabinets and a whole lot more besides.

For a more detailed look at our engineered products, head off this way.

Get in Touch Today

We could say more. We could list all the sectors we have worked with (nuclear, data centres, automotive, rail, many, many more).

We could provide details of case studies, including examples of how we helped advise clients, including making the seemingly impossible possible (our Formula E case study is well worth a read).

We could say more about our IT systems, project management, or write more on our history and ethos.

But, perhaps we can save some of that for a conversation over the phone.
Call us today on 01204 520620 or use our online form to see how the UK’s leading one-stop precision engineers can meet your requirements.