Philosophy, Culture and Values

Philosophy, Culture and Values


Our ambitions drive us to consistently improve, develop and invest to keep ahead of the competition but we never lose sight of our core values of honesty and integrity.

We understand that our customers and suppliers intend to be successful and appreciate that our success is linked with theirs, which is why we are happy to forge such strong partnerships and work together to this aim.  We consider ourselves to be solution oriented and when faced with a challenge, our highly talented team will think outside of the box to provide a solution.

Our success is based on sound, traditional principles and a commitment to providing a premier service of quality machined products.


Our workforce is our biggest asset and we recognise the benefits of being flexible and of supporting and developing our people to ensure they feel happy, productive and empowered. We are proud of the fact that 20% of our staff have more than twenty years service and we experience extremely low staff turnover.

We value our older employees especially and encourage them to pass on the wealth of their knowledge and experience to our younger apprentices to ensure vital skills are not lost. This is a contributory factor to our very successful apprenticeship scheme, which has seem more than a quarter of our workforce complete.  This figure plus our staff retention speaks volumes of our positive culture within Velden.

We take great pride in our people, who are loyal, committed and will often exceed both our own and our customers expectations.



Velden is run on the traditional values of honesty, integrity, loyalty and reliability. These values form the premise of all our actions, as we believe that relationships are best cultivated when trust is apparent on each side. Our longstanding success is highly attributable to the strong relations we have forged with customers and suppliers based on these values.

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