Laser Cutting & Sheet Metal

Laser Cutting

& Sheet Metal

Fully Automated Laser Cutting & 7 Axis Folding for Sheet Metal & Fabricated Profiles

Automated Laser Cutting & Sheet Metal

3.5KW Laser

Laser cut metals with the highest precision without any material loss or contamination, whilst edges and holes remain smooth and therefore, no further finishing is required. The speed of cut is generally much faster and with no requirement for tooling, changeovers become much faster, so costs are reduced.

We can offer a cut sheet of 3m x 1.5m

General Oem

Mild Steel
upto 20mm

General Oem

Stainless Steel

General Oem


General Oem

3T Material Storage
Loading & Unloading

General Oem

100T x 3M 7 Axis

High-Tech Laser Laser Inspection System

FabriVISION Laser Measuring System

Highly accurate inspection system which can measure parts up to 1200mm x1200mm quickly and directly against a customer provided DFX to an accuracy of 50 microns. Alternatively, it can also be used to reverse engineer flat parts directly into CAD files in minutes.

General Oem

Accurate To
50 microns

General Oem

Inspect Parts
1200mm x 1200mm

General Oem


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