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Advanced Systems & Technology

Working towards being a true Industry 4.0 Smart Factory


Vmans Advanced ERP Software

Our continually in-house developed Vmans ERP software runs on the latest IT infrastructure and enables us to offer fully managed, lean production & responsive customer service.


Live Machine Monitoring & KPI Dashboards

Significant investment in machine monitoring software ensures greater efficiency and live data from many key machines. The integration of iPads ensures this data is relayed back to our production team, giving real time information regarding idling times, maintenance, job information or employees. They also allow data to be shared to the shop floor, for example, drawings, work instructions, company news, general maintenance tasks and our SharePoint internal intranet.


Developing Industry 4.0 standards

Secure Enterprise Grade Network

Running on the latest IT infrastructure with layer 3 grade switches connected through a secure OM3 fibre ring around our site. This allows us to expand network capacity as required. The switches are specified and tested to ensure suitability for our environment. The high level switches ensure we have a fast, fundamental connection to run our internal ERP systems in all sections of the shop floor. Taking cyber security seriously, we are protected by the latest anti-virus technology and are cyber accredited.



Cloud Based Systems & Backup

In the interests of security, reliability and flexibility, we have migrated from an onsite exchange server to a cloud based system. We also run Office 365, a more reliable solution for our business needs, which also allows access to documents from any Office 365 device. With an award winning backup software in place, we are confident that our documents, software and storage are safe.

Advanced Technology

Enterprise Document Management

OCR digital archiving of paper documents allows instant access to files, therefore maximising efficiency, through improved search capabilities and instant access. Document security is improved through regular backups and access can be controlled if necessary or shared with relevant people to assist workflow. It also allows greater document integrity as everything is time and date stamped, making  current versions more apparent to the user. Using this system reduces the  requirement of filing, storing and managing hard copies.


Our CAD CAM design and development runs on the latest Dell Precision workstations with high end graphics cards and PC specs. This allows our Planning and Production Departments to have scaled models of the parts we manufacture onsite. Along with the Autodesk and Edgecam systems, we also run OMAX Waterjet Machine Cutting Software and Dr ABE Amada Laser Nesting software.

CCTV & Access Control

In 2015, we invested in a full site IP based CCTV with NAS archiving. Security is enhanced with many cameras fixed around our site, monitoring 24/7. This system allows us access to the CCTV live streaming and video archives across all devices. In addition, we have also installed access control across our site, to add an extra layer of security.



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