Industry Sectors

Many industrial sectors have benefitted from Velden’s contribution during the past 40+ years.

Power Distribution

Experienced Switchgear Component Manufacturer

Forty years of experience in providing busbars, machined parts, kanban and sub assemblies to many blue chip power distribution companies for low, medium and high voltage applications. Velden was involved in a project to supply all the copper work for six of the London Underground substations.

Switchgear Components   |   Busbars   |   Enclosures & Cabinets

Powering The London Underground

Velden supplied copper work for London Underground Substations

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Award Winning Busbar Supplier

Cummins EMEA PGBU 2015 Supplier Of The Year

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Power Generation

Experienced Supplier of Busbar and Machined Components

We have forged strong partnerships with many blue chip companies within the power generation industry throughout our forty year history. Velden have supplied machined components and busbars to manufacturers within the wind, solar and diesel power generator industries.

Corporations within this sector demand an extraordinarily high level of quality and service and Velden is a proud recipient of the EMEA PGBU 2015 Supplier Of The Year award by the Cummins Group.

Busbars  Sub-Assemblies  |  Turned Bosses

Fluid Handling

Experts In Manufacturing Ejector and Pump Systems

Velden enjoys a strong partnership of many years with a world-renowned global supplier of ejector, liquid ring pumps or systems and associated spare parts to the petrochemical industry.  The nature of this industry dictates the most stringent quality procedures, testing and certification.  Our products are used by Shell, BP, Dow Corning, Dupont and Sellafield.

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Single Components to System Build

Project Management From Prototype To Production

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Satisfying The Demands Of A Challenging Industry

Technical Expertise, Advanced Machinery, Total Quality

Oil & Gas

Supplier Of Components For Off-Shore And Land Rigs

Velden provide oil and gas producers with a comprehensive range of components including gate valves, plugs and stems in 17/4 PH stainless steel and AISI 4140.  These suppliers demand the highest quality and traceability owing to the extreme environments in which these components are used.

Gate Valves   |   Stems   |   Plugs

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Motor Sport

Supplier Of Busbars For Formula E Cars

We have worked in close partnership with a world class engineering group within the motorsport industry to provide copper busbars for every Formula E car in 2015-16. Velden’s input from prototype to production helped to forge such strong relations, that we are now working together on a wider range of projects.

Formula E Powered by Velden Busbars

Velden helped to develop and then supplied a suite of Busbars for every 2015 / 2016 Racer

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Quality Driven


Extensive Capabilities

Our diverse range of services coupled with our highly skilled workforce allow us to supply a varied range of products to the automotive industry. We have supplied many blue chip companies within the automotive industry including Jaguar.

Gearbox & Clutch Housings   |   Selectors   |   Manifolds

Tappets   |   Strainers

Fabricated Assemblies


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Supplier Of Busbars, Precision Machining, Kits or Assemblies To The Military

Velden’s input into the defence industry involves supplying copper busbar for use in tanks, missile rigs and drilled armour plates to give extra protection to military vehicles. Our wide range of services ensures we can provide any kind of engineered component, including precision machined, turned, fabricated, assembled or in kit form.

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Providing A Valuable Link In The Defence Supply Chain

Providing Solutions


Design & Development of Cost-Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Components

Our accomplishment  in providing precision components on-time with guaranteed quality, coupled with our environmental awareness makes us an ideal partner for manufacturers within the rail industry. We are able to design and develop new cost-efficient or more environmentally friendly products and project manage from prototype to production. We have worked with British Rail, on a project to design and develop camera poles to be erected in many of their stations.


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Partnering Global Aerospace Companies To Drive Down Costs

We are working with aerospace manufacturers to minimise production costs through modern, efficient manufacturing and to reduce the weight of materials used to improve cost and efficiency.  We also offer a project management service and welcome design and development enquiries.

Jigs & Fixtures   |   Test Rigs   |   Busbar Parts

Working Together to Create New Solutions

New Technology, New Ideas

Accredited Supplier to Sellafield

Proven Track Record


Partnering Major Supplier To The Nuclear Industry

With a proven track record of supplying ejector systems, assemblies and associated spare parts including nozzles to the nuclear industry, you can be assured of our credibility. Our stringent quality control, traceability and test certification ensure we comply with the exacting demands required within this environment.  We have supplied ejector systems, assemblies and components to Sellafield, Hinckley Point, Heysham and Hunterston power stations.

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Medical & Pharmaceutical

Dedicated To Providing Solutions

This industry demands precision, stringent quality and a knowledge of different materials. We offer a full range of services for precision tooling and our CNC facility coupled with our fabrication section allowed us to provide pneumatic arms for use in operating theatres whilst our milling section has manufactured titanium rasps for use in hip replacement operations.

Diverse Range of Materials including Titanium

Design & Development Service Available

Busbars & Enclosures

Data Centres

Complete Solutions

Velden’s input into this growing market sector includes the supply of copper busbar and cabinet enclosures. Our experience coupled with the latest technology ensure we provide cost effective solutions for all your requirements.

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Machined Castings For Vacuum Pumps

Velden’s contribution to this rapidly developing market involves supplying precision machined castings in volume for use in vacuum pumps for the manufacture of microchips.  The nature of this sector necessitates machining and grinding to extremely high tolerances and  inspection using CMM/SPC to ensure the highest pump performance.

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Velden Assists In Powering Modern Communication


Making A Difference

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Powering A Greener Future

Our input into this growing market sector includes supplying copper busbar for wind turbines and designing, developing and producing the Sentinel landfill pump to remove corrosive liquids from landfill sites.

Our involvement with the development of copper busbars used in the battery systems of the Formula E electric cars has assisted in the development of technology, which has the potential to positively improve the environmental impact of the mass automotive industry.

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General OEM's

40+ Years Track Record

With a vast array of services and a long history of precision sub-contract engineering, we have the capability to provide unlimited components for general manufacturing. Typical components include:

Endless Capabilities

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