News / Media EMEA PGBU Supplier Of The Year 2015

EMEA PGBU Supplier Of The Year 2015

Velden are dedicated to not just meeting customer expectations but to exceeding them. We understand from many years of experience, that from a customer perspective, quality and delivery are a given  To succeed and become a pioneer in the industry, we must offer our customers far more than the norm. Much of our success has derived from truly understanding our customer’s business, their aims and the challenges they face. This comprehension then allows us to provide solutions and assist them in achieving their goals. The respect we have earned over the years, has been gained from nurturing these relationships, which have been built on trust, integrity, honesty and transparency and our overall contribution to lowering the total cost of supply for our customers. In recognition of these qualities and our contribution to their success, Velden is the proud recipient of the EMEA PGBU Supplier of the Year 2015 from the Cummins group. We received this prestigious award on the back of an excellent quality management system, superb on-time delivery plus responsiveness to customer demands, visible and extensive commercial relationships plus our advanced technology.

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