GDPR: A Personal Blessing?

GDPR: A Personal Blessing?

March 7, 2018

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force throughout the UK and EU on 25th May 2018. The effects of the new legislation will be far reaching, impacting every business regardless of size with the effects filtering down to impact each and every one of us at a personal level. The aim of GDPR is to modernise laws relating to the collection and use of personal data to ensure they are relevant to the digital age. The implementation of GDPR is intended to empower individuals to regain control over the use and storage of their personal data. As from the 25th May, you will have the right to request companies to delete your personal data and to disallow the transference of your data from one service provider to another. With the upgraded standards there will now be a clear definition of how personal data is protected.

But what does that mean to me, personally?

As a business, we must now ensure our compliance to GDPR by gaining your consent to send out our newsletters. This new legislation will change the way companies market their products and we will all benefit personally, by a reduction in the information overload we receive on a daily basis. From May 25th, you will only receive information for which you have opted in. Be aware also, that companies must request your consent in an open, transparent way and they can no longer offer a conditional response, nor can they request blanket consent for all information. Each specific form of marketing must be specified for you to choose your opt-ins.  You also have the right to opt out easily, at any time. GDPR extends to more than marketing material however. Companies must now have a legitimate reason to store any personal data, for example, for warranty or legal purposes and must be able to prove that consent has been received for anything other than for legal reasons.

What Happens Now?

We are working hard to ensure we are compliant to GDPR rules.  However, there are many changes happening at Velden over the next twelve months, which we would like to share with you. If you wish to keep up to date with all our updates, staff changes and industry news, please subscribe using the link below or we will be unable to keep in touch. Remember, you can unsubscribe at any time





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