Investment in New Nakamura WT-100

Investment in New Nakamura WT-100

June 30, 2012

Multi-tasking machine offers new level of competitiveness for small parts

Our impressive and  on-going workshop reorganisation is well under way. Considerable investment in new advanced plant & equipment continues to take place.

One of the first 8 axis twin spindle / twin turret Nakamura WT-100 multi-tasking Turning Centre to feature the NT-IPS advanced intelligence control, has just been installed and programmer / operator training is taking place.

The new machine will deliver high quality turned, milled & drilled precision engineering components quicker at a lower cost. Components that previously needed 2, 3 or more setups & operations can now be done in one hit with little or no human intervention.

Threaded Adaptor

Velden MD Austin Kitchen explains, “This latest addition to our already impressive line-up of advanced production equipment which features interactive artificial intelligence that should reduce downtime and enable us to offer UK competitive prices and quicker deliveries for small to medium volume bar turned precision engineering components such as nozzles, connectors & fittings”.

Velden went on to invest in a second Nakamura WT-150II the following year.

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