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Unmanned Machining Boosts Velden

A Takisawa Japan TT-2500 GA twin-spindle turning centre with gantry loader is enabling Bolton-based Velden Engineering (UK) Ltd to reduce cycle times by more than 40% on the production of a turned component, in a single set up, which previously were made in separate operations on a two-axis lathe.

“We looked at alternatives but chose the Takisawa Japan turning centre for a number of reasons. Of course, the machine met our technical requirements for one-hit machining, but importantly, it was available immediately from stock — and at the right price.”     Austin Kitchen Managing Director

The machine was supplied by Sheffield-based TW Ward CNC Machinery
( and was selected by Velden because of key attributes that make it suitable for unmanned production.


These include: simultaneous turning on two spindles, both served by an automatic 120-part stacker/gantry loader; 10-station high-speed and high-accuracy servo turrets; twin 10in quick-change chucks, with special jaws capable of producing parts of several different diameters in the same set-up; and automatic in-process workpiece measurement.


Capable of handling workpieces up to 200mm in diameter x 120mm long and weighing up to 8kg, the TT-2500 GA is performing a series of first and second operations in a single set-up.

The machining sequence for the component in question involves roughing a face, drilling and boring, finishing a face and thread cutting in the right-hand spindle, plus drilling and counter-boring, roughing and finishing a face, and thread cutting in the left-hand spindle. The total cycle time is 143sec per part.


Velden has 40 years’ experience of supplying a wide variety of machined and fabricated components to industry sectors such as switchgear, medical, nuclear, fluid handling, automotive and aerospace. According to plant manager Lee Valentine, the TT-2500 has added a new dimension.


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