50kW Solar Panel System Installed

50kW Solar Panel System Installed

December 15, 2011

Velden save money and help the Environment with Solar Panels

Velden has always done its best to recycle, reduce waste and make the most of available technology. To this end, Velden decided to participate in of the governments’ Feed-in Tariff scheme – people prepared to invest in renewable technologies such as solar PV receive a payment for every Kilowatt hour of electricity generated for 25 years. Velden’s Managing Director Austin Kitchen said “the solar panel system is a substantial investment for the future, but with a payback time of about 8 years we are confident that it is the right way to go”.

The 50 Kilowatt system with over 200 high efficiency panels also provide additional free electricity and boost supply capacity to the site. The panels cover the entire south facing main roof of Columbia Mill and feed into state of the art invertors to bring the voltage in line with mains power.

Velden’s main office has an LED status panel which shows the current level of electricity being generated and the total since installation, the display also shows an estimate of the Carbon Dioxide emissions that have been saved. Mr Kitchen said “Green issues aside, it makes commercial sense to make such investments and we are on the lookout for other ways to save energy and improve efficiency.

Evo Install

The system was supplied and installed by the award winning Nottingham based company Evoenergy, who have since become a Customer of Velden for some of its engineering components.


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